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If you’ve been following Reckless on our socials, you might have noticed we’ve had a pretty big couple of weeks. How big? BLOODY BIG.

And it’s all because of our humble little XPA. We’ve always just wanted to brew the kinds of beer we all enjoy, so it was a massive thrill when the judges of the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) enjoyed it at its recent gala night.

In fact, they enjoyed it so much in the panel’s blind tasting they gave it the highest honour in the Australian-style Pale Ale category – awarding it the Champion Trophy, and decking Reckless with a total of NINE medals across our range.

This is like the Oscars of beer! It’s as though an independent filmmaker with a shoestring budget won best picture or something. Seriously, pinch us.

Why’s this such a big deal? Well, it meant that from over 300 beers submitted to the category, including from such established players as Philter, Balter, Tooheys, Coopers and Mountain Culture, the judges felt Reckless had best captured that quintessential Aussie Pale Ale character.

I mean, we love it of course, but you could have knocked us down with a feather. On top of that, our beloved BX Old also brought home some bling. And we couldn’t be more humbled.

See, when we set up in old Bathurst town, not only did we find ourselves a home, we found ourselves a community. Great people who like nothing more than bonding over good beer.

Our kind of people.

So to see BX get the nod, and to help bring attention to Bathurst as being the best place on God’s green earth… well, that’s just gold.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to say g’day. Thank you to the judges at AIBA. Thank you to our dedicated team at the brewery and beyond – you know who you are. And thank you for following us on our journey. See? Sometimes it pays to get a little Reckless in your life…

Please join us to raise a glass to XPA with our XPA Party all long weekend! We'll be slinging $6 schooners from Friday - Sunday, open - close!

Check out our full medal haul


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