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Based in Bathurst and dedicated to making simply the best beer possible, Reckless Brewing Co. is the brainchild of long-time friends Grace (Head Brewer), Jarrod, and Alice (Beer Approvers).

Driven by a desire to craft the kinds of beers they each loved best, they’ve spent years chasing up the freshest ingredients, perfecting their brewing skills, and carving out a fanbase of fellow beer lovers all over Australia – from the regions to the inner reaches of our biggest cities – with their award-winning range of esky-fillers.

From IPAs to stouts, lagers, cutting-edge limited release brews and more, Reckless is relentless when it comes to delivering the kind of quality beer you’ve come to expect – fresh, full of flavour, and crafted for maximum enjoyment whether you’re cooking up a BBQ in the height of an Australian summer, or chilling by the fire on a winter’s night.

That’s Reckless Brewing Co. for you: made by best mates, for you to enjoy with yours. 

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All Natural

Did you know that, since Sumerian times, beer has been considered one of the healthiest beverages around? It’s true! Well, in moderation of course... 

At Reckless Brewing Co., we only use the finest, freshest ingredients to make our 100% all natural beer. That means unpasteurised, preservative-free brews, locally made for your drinking pleasure. Most of them even get the vegan-friendly stamp of approval, with rare exceptions that we’ll always tell you about. 


All of which makes a beer by Reckless Brewing Co. an even tastier proposition. Because if even your vegan mates can knock back a few tins with you, everybody wins.

brewed fresh in bathurst

Reckless Brewing Co. has gone full bricks and mortar with our own dedicated brewing facility and taproom in the beautiful town of Bathurst, NSW.

Situated in a heritage-listed ex-flour mill next to Bathurst Rail Museum, we’re proud to be Bathurst’s only local craft brewery, pouring the good stuff straight from the source.  

Stop by our bar, beer garden and commercial kitchen to enjoy a drink and a rotating menu of street food-inspired treats, plus plate-loads of tapas-style gear. See you there!

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