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Reckless Brewing Co-Founders Alice Wilson & Grace Fowler with HELEN RED XPA.

At Reckless, equality is more than a platitude. It’s a core value, an extension of who we are. After all, amazingly talented people arise from all walks of life, across whatever arbitrary boundaries society likes to use to pigeonhole us with.

That’s always been part of the Reckless vision – good mates doing great things together, whichever restroom we choose to use. Inclusiveness is in our DNA. And this International Women’s Day, we’re proud to share that vision with everyone.

We don’t claim to be special in this regard. It was never a conscious decision, for instance, that Reckless is majority-owned by women, and that they make up over 50% of our management team – making us (we think – feel free to correct us!) the largest woman-led-and-run brewery in Australia.

It’s not even as a direct result that two out of three of our founders are women. It’s simply a natural outcome when you’re focused purely on hiring the best people you can find – a happy statistical circumstance that has seen us go from brewing beers with other people’s gear to having our own HQ in a heritage mill in historic Bathurst.

Anne-Marie, Grace & Alice with HELEN RED XPA

Take Grace, co-founder and head brewer, expert juggler, mother of Reckless and two cuties. Or Alice, co-founder and glass ceiling smasher at the big end of town with corporate Australia. And then there’s our Taproom manager and brewer, Anne-Marie: a French Canadian firebrand who speaks over 400 languages (we think) and who opened a can of beer with one hand while wakeboarding at our last Christmas party. Badass.

We’re for letting people be the best version of themselves, whoever the hell they want to be. We’re proud to have built a space where everyone can feel welcomed, and our LGBTQI+ staff and customers make us more vibrant, more creative, more fun, more human, and just more betterer than we might be otherwise.

We dig it all. Here’s to everyone this International Women’s Day.

You can help us support our local woman's health centre by purchasing our IWD beer, HELEN RED XPA.


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