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International Women's Day - Alice

For this year’s International Women’s Day (8 March 2020) we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the amazing women in our lives that have helped shape and guide our careers. Three posts from the three founders on their experiences.

For IWD this year, we are super excited to be having a tap takeover at the Empire Hotel in Annandale - so please come and celebrate IWD with us, have a beer & toast the women in your lives. We will be there Sunday afternoon to cheer on the Aussies in their (fingers crossed) T20 World Cup Final, whilst having a few bevvies! Check out our social media pages for more info.


Alice pouring some sweet sweet Pale Ale's at the Inner West Beer Fest

International Women’s Day is a very important day for me personally. My career to date has been in the professional services industry which is an intense industry to be in. When I first started, I was told I was going to really experience the old adage of ‘work hard, play hard’, but mostly it’s just been ‘work hard, work harder’. The importance of surrounding myself with people who you could trust and who can support each other can’t be overstated. The vast majority of my clients are men, and about 95% of all partner’s I work with at my firm are men as well, so being able to have a crew of ladies (even if it is just to run a passive aggressive email past them when I’m angry!) helps keep me sane, focused and committed. I have no doubt in 5-10 years the ratio of men/women as clients and partners will be fundamentally changed, and I can’t wait - real change is coming and it will accelerate to a non-stop force once women share the role of leaders at the top of the food chains.

The beer world isn’t much different to the world I started in either - although the importance of having your pack is perhaps even more so (and it also really helps my street cred to be able to say I brew beer)! There are so many amazing women in this industry, who have sometimes had to swim against the current to achieve their dreams. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of our industry. Grace has really been my wingman in meeting these incredible women, but groups like the Pink Boots Society (a women’s networking group for beer industry professionals) make it a lot easier to meet like-minded women, and I haven’t met a women in this industry that doesn’t want to support each other!

I think that’s what IWD is all about - a chance to celebrate the women in your world that have inspired you, helped shape you, supported you and have pushed you to achieve all the great things you’ve achieved, as well as a chance to reflect on the importance of your role and how you can support the women around you to achieve their dreams.

So on this International Women's Day, I’d like to give a big shout out to my mates in my work life - Rach, Joyce, Helen, Paula, Olga & Fi - thanks for keeping me sane & pushing me forward!


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