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It’s been a big few months here at Reckless HQ. And that’s largely because we actually now have a bona fide HQ!

That’s right, Reckless Brewing Co. has gone full bricks and mortar with our own dedicated brewing facility in the beautiful town of Bathurst, NSW – and we are beavering away as we speak getting it ready for September 2022 to welcome all you Reckless heads out there so we can properly christen the place. Can. Not. Wait!

For those who know Bathurst, we’re setting up in the old Crago Mill site, a heritage-listed ex-flour mill next to Bathurst Rail Museum. It will be the only craft brewery in town, with its own carpark, bar, beer garden and even commercial kitchen serving up a rotating menu of street food-inspired treats plus plate-loads of tapas-style gear.

What does this all mean? Simply put, it gives us everything we need to make more of the good stuff: more Reckless, in more places around Australia. More local jobs. And more good times with mates.

With such a big move into our new digs, we’ve also taken the opportunity to think about Reckless and how we see it growing over the next little while. So we’ve broken out the art supplies and applied some new war paint, refreshing the Reckless brand with the help of some old friends to make it snap, crackle and pop more than ever.

We’ve kept the colours you know and love for our key beers and amped up the premium feel but – most importantly – these are the same great beers, made to the same exacting standards you’ve come to expect: as fresh, great-tasting and fun as ever.

A new logo acknowledges our past while pointing to our Bathurst-driven future, on fully printed cans that feel extra nice in the hand. Our old canine friend can still be found, taking you through each beer’s tasting notes, and new merch is going to look extra-good too.

Because we’re still a relatively small indie brewer and don’t have mountains of money to swim through like some Scrooge McDuck, this does mean for a little while you’re likely to see two faces of Reckless out and about for a little while yet as we transition lock, stock and barrel to our new look.

But let’s be honest – if the world can live with three different Batmans on the go at any one time (let alone three different Spidermans in THE SAME MOVIE) then we suspect it’s all going to work out fine. If anything, it’s a great opportunity to snap up some of our old stock and put them in the pool room as a piece of beer history…

So to the beer lovers of Bathurst, thank you for having us – we can’t wait to become your new local. And to the craft nerds of Australia, get set for a bigger, bolder Reckless – make sure to come visit us in Bathurst to enjoy simply great beer, made by best mates for you to enjoy with yours.

Thanks for being part of the Reckless story everyone. And thanks for being here with us as we turn the page on a new, exciting chapter in that story!

x Grace, Jarrod & Alice at Reckless Brewing Co.


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