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Birthdays! New beers! Bling! It’s been a big year in Bathurst…

We'll admit it - we're nursing some pretty sore heads this month. Who could blame us? It's been a whirlwind of awards nights, birthday planning, new releases, Father's Day... and hangs with our beloved BX community at the Taproom.

Where to begin? Let's try the beginning! Four years ago, the newly founded Reckless released our very first beer at Spooning Goats in Sydney (RIP you beautiful venue). Little did we know just where that first batch would take us.

Reckless Brewing Co. found a home in Bathurst's historic Crago Mill - illustration by Vincent Casey

Over the years since, there've been beers, more beers, a little recognition, an award or two and bang! A year ago, in the midst of babies, blood, sweat, beers and tears - not necessarily in that order - we crafted our very own brewery home in beautiful Bathurst. If you've been there, you'll have seen what we've managed to do.

(And if you haven't, where the bloody hell are you? Just kidding. But seriously, drop in sometime!)

In honour of that very special occasion, we crafted the Double Red IPA - a beefier take on our classic core Red IPA. As our mates at The Crafty Pint have said, "the Double Red IPA is the exact colour of the rusty corrugated iron on the brewery roof... Straight away, you know this beer's going to be a good time."

Heck yes – it's a birthday beer after all! 🥳

To top it all off, we've also had to make some room on the Trophy benches at the Brewery. Just a couple of months ago we were popping corks over our XPA being recognised as the country's best Australian-style Pale Ale, with our Pale Ale, BX Old and Stout also bringing home gold medals in Melbourne, at the AIBA’s

Then, a couple of weeks ago, our Stout stepped up once more to bring home the Champion Trophy for best Porter/Stout at the Australian Independent Beer Awards. I mean, bloody hell - how lucky are we to have the team we do, who can bang out such beautiful beers with that kind of consistency and passion?

Team Reckless at the INDIES 2023 after picking up the Trophy!

So, with all that said, we're a little older. Maybe a little wiser (we said maybe). But most of all. We're absolutely chuffed that this little dream we had here has come to fruition thanks to the people in our lives, and all the beer lovers we've befriended.

This celebration is as much about all those folk who have helped make Reckless rock on than it is about us. Thank you. Thank you for helping us blow out some candles. You're amazing, and we're fortunate/hashtag blessed to have you all in our lives. Now, where’s the Panadol…

Finally, after a big party at our Bathurst taproom, we’re continuing our birthday celebrations with a little road trip. Kicking off in the country’s capital, we’ll be making stops in Dubbo and Sydney – before ending with a big party in Newcastle.

Meet the crew from Reckless at each venue along the way, plus there will be special giveaways and every Reckless beer purchased along the way puts you into the running to WIN A YEAR OF BEER!


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